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We are an ambitious team of people with the same blood type - active, who care about educating young people to recognize true and correct values. We got together and created an NGO with a name geographically very characteristic of the location of our headquarters - "gem-R". Not only the village but also the whole region of the southeastern part of the Banská Bystrica region in which we live is called Gemer.
Our activities include the education of children, youth but also adults in various areas, especially the minority population and groups with a lower chance of employment, of which there are really many in our region.
We also take care of the active leisure time of children and youth by organizing sports, cultural or social events to teach our next generation to spend time actively and prevent negative pathological phenomena such as social networks, virtual reality, smoking, alcohol, drugs, which are during adolescence exposure. We strive to create active communities - groups of people in which young people can feel important as part of society.
We also try to emphasize to young people the true values ​​of man, such as kindness, selfless help regardless of gender, religion, political orientation or sexual orientation, relationship to the environment in which we live and others. We participated on various projects on regional as well as national level. (Ministry of Education of Slovak republic, ...)

In future we plan make our activities also in abroad, cooperate on international projects.